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Organizers: “T-FASHION EVENTI A.M.S. di M.S.P.”

It is founded with the purpose of cooperation in various aspects of the aspects, support of designers and creative personalities for the development and search for personal style in the fashion industry.

The competition provides an opportunity for designers with experience, and without it to try their hand at demonstrating the collections to the competent jury, the media and the general public

The winners of the competition will have the opportunity of international cooperation and other prizes, valuable for designers and their professional growth, from the partners of the event and the members of the jury.

1. Technical conditions for participation

Students of higher and secondary professional educational institutions, independent authors, young designers and stylists, designers of studios, ateliers, creative workshops and own enterprises for the production of clothing, footwear and accessories can take part in the competition. The age of participants is not limited.

Nominations of the competition

  • Alta Fashion – evening or cocktail mini collection,
  • Prêt-a-stop – a mini collection on the theme of fashion cities and streets, a cruise collection
  • Vanguard is a mini collection that conveys a non-standard vision, an unusual cut, an innovative look and approach.
  • Accessories – shoes, bags, belts, hats, ornaments

Collection requirements

The collection in sketches can be from 4 to 8 copies. For the final (during PISA FASHION DAYS) it is necessary to prepare a collection of at least 4 specimens.

Allowed to show 6-12 outfits, men’s / women’s / children’s clothing and accessories. The topic of the above-mentioned nominations is free.

The collection should preferably be unique, not previously demonstrated.

Criteria for evaluation

The urgency of the collection, the integrity of the collection, the uniqueness of the idea, the prospects, the creativity of thought, the quality of tailoring, the materials used, and innovations.


The jury will include representatives of the international fashion industry, media, buyers, eminent designers, fashion experts.

Prize fund

Money grant, internships with leading designers, companies, Italian fashion schools, textile certificates from textile and manufacturing companies, valuable prizes from renowned partner firms.

Stages of the contest

Collection and processing of applications from those who wish to participate in the Competition.

The proposal for participation in the competition is open information and is distributed by all possible resources of the organizers. Collection of applications is via e-mail for consideration of the application form: download on the site “Application for participation”, fill it with any text editor, with the attachment of photographs or sketches of not less than 4 pcs. (from 4 to 8 copies) of his mini collection, and send to the electronic address

In the subject line of the letter when sending, you must specify: Competition (just the word contest), name, designer ….

(instead of points to substitute the designer of that: clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.)

Photos and sketches of products must meet the requirements:

– photo size up to 1024 × 768 pixels

– jpg or jpeg format

– weight up to 1.5 Mb each photo

– the photo must be sufficiently illuminated in the picture

– without inscriptions, logos, links, etc.

– the product in the photo should be clearly visible

The following entries are not accepted for the Contest:

– copyrights to which belong to another person;

– poor-quality work;

– works that do not correspond to the subject of the Competition

2. Processing of applications and selection round of participants of the Competition

Processing, sent applications for participation and compilation of the list of bidders. In choise

participants of the Contest are: Organizers of the Competition, Jury, Experts.

Each of the participants will receive a special information letter with the result of the selection round and comments. If the result is positive, a reply to the letter or confirmation of your participation in any other way is mandatory.

3.Final display of the competition in the framework of PISAFASHIONDAYS

The presentation is required:

– bring your products (mini collection of at least 4 used products);

– be present personally to the Participant / designer (in case of force majeure, transfer the products to a trustee)