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Criteria for evaluation of the collections:

1.Theme of the collection, presentation: “Moodboard”, what inspired the creation of the collection.
2.The collection must coincide with that communicated the nomination.
3.The collection must match the current trends, we consider the creativity and individuality.
4.Style of the collection.
5.Precisione in the choice of materials and details, the decorations, the range of colors, construction and technical decision.

To participate at the competition you must submit the application for participation on the official website of the competition.
Requests will be considered from 15 November 2016 until 15 February 2017.
The registration request will be processed during the next 5 working days after receipt of the same, then it will be sent an email which will be confirmed or declined participation.
Participants will have to pay as a result 20% of the participation fee to the account of the competition.

Awards Fund:
Certificates for an internship at a prestigious institute of Fashion in Milan, certificate for an internship in visual merchandising, image consultant, certificate for textile materials, certificate for publication in an Italian magazine, certificate for one-day tour in Florence with a tour guide with photo report.

The participants and the winners will be awarded with diplomas and souvenir gift from sponsors and partners of the competition.