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Evaluation criteria for collections:

  • The theme of the collection, the provision of: “Moodboard”, which inspired the collection.
  • The collection must correspond to the declared nomination.
  • The collection should correspond to modern trends, creativity, individualism are taken into account.
  • An imaginative-style solution of the collection.
  • Competent selection of material, decor, color, design and technological solutions.

To participate in the contest it is necessary to submit a request of the established sample:

The deadline for applications is from 23 March 2018 to 25 March 2018.

The time of application is from November 1, 2017 to February 15, 2018.

The application for participation will be considered within 5 working days from the day of filing, after the decision is made you will receive a message about the decision to include the collection in the number of participants.

Participants must contribute 50% of the entry fee to the account of the competition.

Prize fund of the contest:

Certificate for internship at the Milan Institute of Fashion, certificate for training “visualmerchandising”, “image consultant”, certificate for fabrics, certificate for a one-time publication in an Italian magazine, certificate for a one-day tour in Florence, accompanied by a guide, with a photo.

Participants and winners of the competition can be awarded with diplomas and souvenirs from sponsors and partners of the contest.