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Dear sponsors!

We invite you to visit the festival “PISA FASHION DAYS 2018” in the famous Tuscan city of Pisa (Italy). During the festival will be attended by representatives of the media: representatives of television in the countries of the European Union and Russia, popular fashion bloggers.

In parallel with the fashion show, for our sponsors, we will provide trading places in one of the best exhibition spaces with high traffic potential customers.

As a bonus, we can place your advertisement on Facebook, Instagramm, Yotube page devoted to our contest. Sponsors also get favorable places for logos on media display design: press, media screen, mentioning your brand of the event.
The day of the “Art Market” fair on March 25, 2018.

At the end of the evening, representatives of sponsors can visit a private Gala Show with a buffet table. In the presence of eminent guests, the leaders of the city and the region, you can establish business connections in the private atmosphere of the fashionable Gala Show.

Yours faithfully,
Tatyana Tikhonova,
Organizer «PISA FASHION DAYS 2018»,
President of T-FASHION EVENTI M.S.P.