New opportunities for photographers at Pisa Fashion Days 2017

NEW opportunities for the PHOTOGRAPHERS at PISA FASHION DAYS 2017.
The famous STUDIO SHOWBIT give TWO CERTIFICATES TO THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS in order to participate in a Masterclass during MILAN FASHION WEEK in September 2017.
The competition for photographers will be in master mode.
The main purpose of the competition is to obtain the skills needed in practice, with the advice and the availability of Italian experts.
* BEAUTY PICTURES: photos of the catwalk, backstage details.
* FASHION PICTURES: photos of the catwalk, backstage, street style.
As a jury member and coordinator of the competition there will be a professional photographer and founder of photo-video studio, which since 1988 takes part in all international competitions on the world of fashion, and who works with magazines such as: Vogue, Harpers’ Bazaar, Marie Claire, GQ, Glamour, Grazia.
The winners and the best participants will be awarded the opportunity to publish their work in internationally renowned journals and an internship at the “Showbit Studio” in Milan during fashion week.

Pisa: a city of great history

Etruscan origin, then Roman, Maritime Republic, home of three universities, international events (Anima Mundi, the Blue Palace shows, Pisa Internet Festival, National Literary Award Pisa, etc …) and conferences, a city located near the sea, but also near the mountains, the beautiful Tuscan hills, rich in successful initiatives. Pisa and its province is a great place to live and work experiences in tourism. For this I chose the city of the leaning tower to create an international event, for the Pisa Fashion Days.

Coordinator of the competition – Oxana Slavjan

Coordinator of the competition, Oxana Slavjan: architect by profession, living in Italy for about 20 years.
In 2001 she finished the course”Professionist in the preparation of shop windows” at the International Academy of window dressers in Milan.
In 2007 she received her diploma from the Academy of Fashion Designer of Luxury in Milan. In 2013 she recorded her brand “Priorites des Femmes .. luxury class accessories.” Now she is working on a new collection of women’s clothes “chic and casual” which will be shown in February at the exhibition “The one Milano”

Taking part at the competition is an other chance.

One of the sponsors of PISA FASHION DAYS is the Fashion Institute Burgo in Milan.
Two winners of the contest Victoria Karalyunets and Nadin Smo Felting are taking part in an internship now.
We must say thanks to the teacher Eleonora Dimasi. Elena Pochuyeva, the coordinator of the project played an important role in the maintenance of contacts with the institute.
During the stay of the girls in Milan I wanted to organize some important meeting for them.
And here, as always, Facebook helped us.
I asked my friends in Milan to meet us personally.
Anastasia Lavrikova, immediately accepted the proposal and proposed a few places for a meeting.
This exceptional woman, mother of 4 children, waiting for the fifth .
Despite this Anastasia took part in the organization of our meeting.
I discovered that Anastasia is my compatriot, we are both from Volgograd.
Masha Anohina invited us to an evening which is called “Beautiful summer in Milan.” Here we spent good time and met some wonderful people: the lovely Irina Litvinenko who realized on me a spectacular make up and gave me some advices that i will follow certainly.
Lourdes Dumes, Bladimir Martin.
In the words of Coco Chanel, age depends on the current day and the people with whom you relate, in my case all these meetings have made me happy and young.